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Our community is the most important part of The Anti-Burnout Club, where new friends are made and people are there to support and encourage each other. This challenge is all about self-love, self-confidence, lifting ourselves up and lifting others up with us. Forget Valentine’s Day, this month is all about loving us!

Gain access to the private Facebook group with all of the daily challenges and weekly lives, including two yoga sessions a week, live meditation, breath work and Pilates – all for £4.99. That is less than the average Live yoga lesson! This membership automatically expires at the end of February, so there are no recurring payments.

Here is what is included in the challenge:
🧘 2 x live yoga lessons a week (Thursday evenings with Toma and Saturday mornings with Becky) – Live lessons will be saved to the group and can be watched back at any time!
🙏 Weekly live lessons in breath work, Pilates, and meditation taking it up to at least 3 Lives a week!
🥰️ Daily challenges focusing on self-love, kindness to ourselves and others, and self-confidence
🤗 This will all take place in the private member’s-only group, with a strong focus on fostering community and friendships just like we did in our last challenge!
💡 The January 31 Days of Wellness Challenge will also be saved in the member’s-only group in easy to access units, so you can go back and do any of the previous challenges at any time
🎁 Plus some extra special surprises announced soon!



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Doors are now closed!

If you wish to still access the private Facebook community for all of the Lives and challenges, along with all of the other incredible lessons on The Anti-Burnout Club, you can do so by signing up for a monthly or yearly membership here.

Our next challenge will be announced on the 19th of February 2021. Feel free to join the Free 31 Days of Wellness Challenge & Community Facebook group to be one of the first to find out what’s next in store!